In 1996, I decided to follow a dream and enrolled as a student in the certificate program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art (PAFA). For the previous 15 years, I had worked in private school education. First at the Springside School in Chestnut Hill and then at the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr.

In 2002, I left PAFA and moved to Maine. There, I traveled, worked in a small gourmet market, and painted from my own studio.Life in Maine expanded in 2004 to include winters in Provence, France, where I moved full- time in 2006. Again, I was fortunate enough to have a studio and continued to draw and paint.

In the autumn of 2014, I returned to Philadelphia, where I now live and work.


My work  focuses on forms and patterns , primarily in nature.  I start with the question of how to convey in two dimensions, through drawing or painting, what has spoken to me in life. Each piece begins with  the excitement of a puzzle to be solved and as an invitation to discovery.

As I work, I try to understand what I see and to represent it as simply and believably as I can.  My image changes constantly as my understanding of the subject grows.   At some point in every piece, however, I shift from intense study of my subject to focus on the abstract requirements of the composition, itself.  I step back and look at the whole.  Then I can simplify, rework, and  find and explore the happy accidents that have occurred  around the edges of my concentration.

My finished work could be called “realistic,” but each piece is a combination of representation, abstraction, and serendipity.

Charlotte Ferree Humenuk sells privately from her studio in Philadelphia.

Her work is in private collections in California, Chicago, Maine, Massachusetts, New York City, Pennsylvania, and France.